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Name : Chloe
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Location : Near Gatwick
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Date of Birth : 25th February 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

I have been sewing since 2010, and I'm addicted! I also love modelling,and love getting my cosplays archived in photos. I'm now persuing a career in promotion in the Gaming industry

I love looking at other peoples work, always amazes me what people can do, I wonder why they haven't got top jobs in the film/TV/fashion industries, you inspire me, I hope I can inspire you :)

Cosplay Bio

I went to my first expo may 2010 at mcm, as gaga, and now I have an addiction to it!

I got into Neo magazine with one of my gaga costumes and got on stage and danced! I've also been in Sci-fi and MYM; been on live TV on BBC One Show, been in a short film; and judged and guested at many conventions

To date I have nearly 60 costumes! Most of them from scratch, I'm trying to challenge myself more these days, hopefully I'll move on to making armour!

I want to push boundaries with costume, there is so much you can do!

Contact Information

Twitter - @chloealienqueen
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FB - AlienQueen



Pattern Cutting / Modelling / Acting