Personal Information

Name : Akiryn
Location : Oxford

Personal Bio

I'm usually called 'Aki'.
I have another account on here that I haven't used in a long time. I think I'm going to stick to this one from now on.

I've created this account to keep track of cosplay plans and ambitions for both myself and my master, R.

All planned costumes are planned to be completed within the next four years (as of end of 2013).

We'll be attending Kitacon.

Cosplay Bio

I've been cosplaying for years, and sewing for much longer. I tend to make my own costumes, because I like to challenge myself. R is a former LARPer, and enjoys making props and costumes for that purpose.

I tend to make a lot of maid outfits, whilst R tends to make LARP costumes and props.