Personal Information

Name : Zombaid
Location : Norfolk
Date of Birth : 22nd April 2009
Age : 7

Personal Bio

Zombaid was first created by Dibble and Kin for reasons known only to them. It's only recently that Dibble decided to use it for a cosplay group name. I met them at Recon Norwich in 2008 and we've been friends since.
So far Zombaid consists of just the 3 of us, with an honerary member (or 'Slave to supreme Overlord Dibble' as he likes to call it) who is Reyazu.

Dibble - Likes zombies, Naruto, and Prinnies, play's lot's of video games. Favourite colour is pink.

Kin - Likes Naruto and ninja's, is very good at video games.

Ed - Kin's older brother, loves Touhou and his favourite characters are Cirno and Rinosuke.

Kilik Hiwatari - Likes Naruto and video games. Favourite character is Itachi.

Ashla - Comes from Ireland. She likes Beyblade, YuGiOh and Naruto.

Ryoura - Ashla's younger sister. She also likes Beyblade and loves YuGiOh.

Cosplay Bio

We met at Norwich Recon, Dibble and Kin were cosplaying Itachi and Deidara and I was also cosplaying Itachi. The idea to form the group started when I told Dibble there will be a Norwich Recon this November and he said he'd like the 3 of us to do a group cosplay. I remembered how I suggested to Kin about cosplaying Mikuru from The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and told Dibble this, and joked that he could be Haruhi and I could be Yuki. I lent him my dvd of the anime and he fell in love with it and pursuaded his mum to order the boxset. It's now left to me to obtain our costumes lol ^^;

I'm unsure how they got into cosplay to be honest. I'll ask them next time and update this when I find out. As for me, I already have an account here.


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