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Name : Zirco
Website : http://cinnamon-zimt.deviantart.com/
Location : Yorkshire
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Old school SEGA fan that love gintama, BLEACH and most mangas in JUMP
mistaken on the net for fan boy alot of the times although I am female

Cosplay Bio

I have been attending conventions since aya 05 with my sister Yami no neko, and cosplaying since Ame 06 when i cosplayed as Sakata Gintoki in a very cheap quick home made version.

Nowadays i mostly cosplay Shin Megami Tensei characters, but I'm currently going through a Saiyuki Phase with Yami and Chain Toxin.

I like to draw a lot, genrally if my sister makes me a coffee I will draw her whatever she asks. I sometimes come across as either quiet, stubborn or scarily stupid, and I am, but if you see me at con, just come over and say hello if you want I just tend not to sleep while i'm there and am fuelled by too much coffee.

I'm quite a retro anime fan, being born in the 80's I got to grow up watching some really awesome shows, of which i am still trying to replace the vhs' of.


Eternal Arcadia / Persona / Persona 2 / Persona 3 / Persona 4 / SMT Strange Journey / Yggdra Union / Riviera / Devil Summoner / Devil Survivor / Valkyria Chronicle / Gyakuten Saiban