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Name : Zelda
Website : https://www.facebook.com/Gamari-Cosplay-1630089617270673/?fref=ts
Location : Sweden
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Personal Bio

Hi! Call me Zelda :D it's not my real name but that's what everyone calls me <3 ^u^
I'm a girl who enjoy to be a little "weird" ^u^
I want to be myself and just have fun. I really enjoy to cosplay and I LOVE Legend of Zelda. I like to make people look at me and either smile or just think I'm weird. Life isn't funny if it isn't just a liiitle bit crazy ^u^

Cosplay Bio

I cosplay because it's really fun and I love to act and touch feelings.
I'm a beginner when it comes to cosplay. I haven't been a cosplayer for so long but hey, you need to start somewhere ^u^ I have been cosplaying since I was on my first con (17th of June, 2012) where I put together my first cosplay together with "ib-chan" (another user here).
I have a goal to make at least ONE cosplay each holiday. It doesn't have to be a big complex but just some accessories that can make a cosplay such as ears, a tail, just something to at least make a OC character.


The Legend of Zelda / anime / manga / Ib / Cosplay / Roleplay / Alice Mare / Larp