Personal Information

Name : Zero
Website :
Location : Wolverhampton
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Hai thar.
I'm Z-Z-Zerooo. And I'm pretty weird.
I'm short, like awesome coloured hair, like to let people guess my gender, and like to talk about sex. Alot.

Uh..i don't really know what to say.
Talk to me if you want! ALSO; check these out!
My DeviantArt
My Youtube

Cosplay Bio

Well,i'm best known for being a Matt (DeathNote) Cosplayer!
Although,i've cosplayed L, Mikami, Misa, Sora, Viral too!
I'm currently making a Hatsuharu (Fruits Basket),Tifa (FF&:AC) cosplay for London Expo though!