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Name : Claire
Location : Brighton
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Personal Bio

I go by the name Zeldlight if you see one chances are it's me ( or some wideo who thinks they is me XD), but my real name is Claire. I live in Brighton< England .Cosplay, Anime and Manga are what i live for( and some games :P). As for what i do i work in a bar have fun plus drinks win win :). And for what i am like i tend to come across shy at times but find it's more that i just don't know what to say sometimes.But once i start talking i don't shut up XD. I'm always up for helping someone out with cosplay problems and more. My motto in life 'enjoy the random things.'

Cosplay Bio

I always been really crafty and found love dressing up to be a bit silly and random.I found cosplay a great way to do said. First char i cosplayed as was sakura from naruto at mcm expo back in 07 (i think). Wasn't sure what to expect at my first con but found some of the niceist ppl plus my best mate and from there was hocked. Have been to every mcm since. I done a differnt costume for each of em.On a side note i am VERY! slow to update anything on here.


MANGA currently in luv with / Kuroshitsuji / Fairytail / Ouran Host Club / Haruhi Suzumiya / Anime i is in luv with / Kuroshitsuji / Fairytail / Naruto / He is my Master / Dance in the vampire bund / Games / AC II / Zelda skywardsword / World of Warcraft