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Name : Vanessa
Location : Bedford
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Personal Bio

Hi i'm Nessa
In short I'm happy to say that im a anime and Video games fan ^^ Mostly RPGs and some horror games
I love music and loves listening to different genres especially J rock and Visual kei bands .
I'm into gothic fashion especially victorian & punk visual kei rock styles ; I hope one day to have whole wardrobe filled with them along with lolita shoes *_*
Drawing is my passion and never leaves the house without at least a sketchbook and pen somewhere with in my bag .
Has a strong love for reading and watching horror such as Bram stoker's Dracula, 19th century ghost stories, Frankenstein etc.

A shy and quiet person at first but people get to know me, im fun to be around and hopes to meet new people too!!

Cosplay Bio

I first started cosplaying in 2009 when I went to my first con at the MCM Expo with my friends. I was nervous with my very first cosplay ( Matt from Deathnote) , but when I saw variety of different costumes that could be made I thought ," I really could get into this!" and has loved it ever since.

Im still quite new to cosplaying, but hopes my skills wil get better along the way ^^
My proudest moment would have to be when I cosplayed the second time entirely from scratch, and received a lot of attention and pictures from my outfit - which made me feel that I did a good job

My greatest achievement would have to be my Eternal sonata cosplay - as the costume took me over 8 months to put together. I was still a beginner at the time and had chose a very difficult character due to the amount of accessories he had >.<

My dream is to cosplay armour& sword type of outfit and finish my list of cosplays of my favourite characters XD

Contact Information

Ask Me ^-~

Im on facebook: www.facebook.com/sylentium


Vampire knight / tail of the moon / horror films / video games / metal / anime / plushies / lace / gothic fashion / visual kei / lolita fashion / music / Vampires / final fantasy / metal gear solid