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Name : Hannah
Location : England
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Well I'm into drawing, digitally and on the old pencil and paper, but my deviants gallery consists of more Cosplay, photography and fanfics. Also like animating but don't have much patience for it sadly. I live on the little island that is the UK and love being creative etc.

Cosplay Bio

Well I've been cosplaying for three years now, doesn't seem long since I've only cosplayed like four things. I usually cosplay Hetalia or Kuroshitsuji, overall I've cosplayed: Grell Sutcliff, Russia (Ivan Braginski), Turkey and Death the Kid. I also am interested in Vocaloid cosplay, I would be cosplaying Gakupo and Kaito. I like gaming cosplay such as Batman, Alice Madness Returns and Professor Layton. My first ever cosplay was Death the Kid at a small con, was a really bad outfit >< aah but improved it now ;)