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Name : Sou
Website : http://www.youtube.com/user/WelcomeToVelfarre
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My name is Sou (AKA Soup). I'm a huge VOCALOID nerd. My favourite animes are Free!, Ouran High School Host Club, Uta no Prince-sama, and Angel Beats! I'm a dancer and I frequently perform at anime conventions.

Cons [possibly] Attending (2016):
Midlands MCM
Birmingham MCM March
Hyper Japan Summer Festival
Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con
Birmingham MCM November

Cons Attended:
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2009 (Sunday)
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2010 (Sunday)
Midlands MCM 2011
London MCM October 2011 (Saturday)
Birmingham Memorabilia November 2011 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2012
Birmingham MCM March 2012
London MCM May 2012 (Saturday & Sunday)
Hyper Japan Christmas 2012 (Saturday)
Birmingham MCM March 2013 (Saturday)
London MCM May 2013 (Saturday)
Manchester MCM 2013
London MCM October 2013 (Saturday)
Birmingham MCM November 2013 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2014
Huddersfield Manga Con 2014
Birmingham MCM March 2014 (Saturday)
London MCM May 2014 (Saturday)
Yorkshire Cosplay Con 6/2014
J-Con 7/2014 (Saturday)
Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014 (Friday and Saturday)
Birmingham MCM November 2014 (Saturday)
Midlands MCM 2015
Birmingham MCM March 2015 (Saturday)
Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7/April 2015
J-Con 8/2015
Birmingham MCM November 2015
Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 (Saturday)

Cosplay Bio

I remember really liking the outfits that some of the characters in anime wore but I wasn't actually aware that people dressed up as these characters until I came across some videos by Fighting Dreamers Pro and probably some other cosplayers when I was randomly browsing YouTube one day. I then started to look things up online and eventually discovered a convention in my area.

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http://www.invisiwilly.tumblr.com/ (Main)
http://www.welcometovelfarre.tumblr.com/ (Dance/Cosplay)



Monthly G=AGE Update (September 2016)

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 20:35:15 GMT

I'm back again with this month's G=AGE update. This month hasn't been as busy as last month, but still plently of exciting things have been happening! So first of all let's start with the Osaka Summer Concert. This did technically happen at the end of last month but I was only able to talk about it briefly in last month's post so here's a somewhat more in depth report.

G=AGE in Osaka
On August 29th (two days before the concert) ROI announced via Twitter that the group would be doing some sightseeing around Osaka (also mentioning that he wanted to go on a date with FUMITO in Tsuntenkaku, what a cutie). Here's some papapics of the boys doing just that (the sightseeing, not the dating lol) in Shinsaibashi the following day. Credit goes to @f_scream_haruko

The boys (along with a few of the G-BOY'S members) also stopped off at TOWER RECORDS Namba and TASY brought along the group's mascot, teddy bear neo Justice.

ROI's cute little smile in the first picture, I can't. Also VASA's hair looks good. Better than it did in the Girls Award performance especially (I say that with love lol).

Now onto the 31st, the actual day of the concert! For some reason I've found it pretty difficult to find fan reports of this concert so if anyone can link me to some I'd be grateful. From what I can gather though, it was pretty much the same as the previous Summer Concert but with some minor changes. For one, this time around FUMITO and MAHIRO weren't the only ones to wear the hula girl costumes.

I have no idea how to feel about this, haha. Sorry about the less than great picture by the way, I'll hopefully replace it at a later date.

As it was announced prior to the concert, this concert was also the debut of NEW AGE and G-EYE's new songs. I haven't heard anything about G-EYE's new song yet but it was confirmed by FUMITO in a blog post a few days later that NEW AGE's new song is called "Smile". The choreography was once again created by ROI, and FUMITO also hinted that the lyrics were written by VASA. Great for him as I seem to remember him mentioning in an interview a while back that he wanted to try writing lyrics!

Now onto this concert's goods! All of the goods from the previous concert were available to purchase as always (such as the penlights and badges) but there were also 3 new types of goods announced. A bag, new bromides, and 5 uchiwas (one for each member of G=AGE). Unfortunately, it was announced a few days before the concert that the uchiwas could not be sold due to water-damage but would later be available at the LOVE FAN-MEETING the following month. Here's the bag.

And here are some of the new bromides. Credit goes to @gagets_d

Oh no, VASA's awful hair from the Girls Award performance is back in some of these. Can we talk about how cute all of the ones with the boys in casual clothes are though? Especially the ROI ones, he looks so sweet with those little bunny ears! And the one where FUMITO and VASA are sharing a drink is too adorable. I want some of these so badly but I can't find anyone selling them anywhere. I don't really blame them though, haha. Also more yukata and Hawaii-themed bromides? Cute as always but I'm still kind of disappointed that they didn't put ROI in a cute yukata too.

G-BOY'S Twitter Updates
Beginning on September 4th was a series of Twitter updates posted by the G-BOY'S members in which we got to learn a little more about their personalities and hobbies. I haven't gotten around to translating any of the posts into English yet but I'll give a brief summary of each one here.

First was TAKUMI who was apparently in Canada at the time of his post. Apparently TAKUMI is very interested in learning English.

Two days later was YU-TO who shared with us his interest in soccer. He says he wants to eventually be able to show of his skills to everyone. I wonder if he and ROI get along well considering they're both the same age and interested in soccer (plus they're both adorable and two of my faves, haha).

Then on the 8th was KAI who loves animals.

The following day was my favourite G-BOY'S member, HIROYUKI who is apparently interested in trying lots of different types of sweets.

It was SHO's turn on the 11th, who apparently really likes to cook and has taken cooking classes in the past. He says he wants to try cooking for everyone in G-BOY'S at some point.

Next on the 12th was another one of my favourite G-BOY'S members, KAITO who told us again about his Hula dance skills (which he already showed off at last month's Summer Concert). He also mentioned that he can play the ukelele and would like to show everyone in the future.

On the 14th was TAKUYA who told us he's been taking dance lessons since he was 9.

g-age shinsaibashi.jpg

On the 17th was RYU-TA who likes riding bikes.

And finally, RYU-ICHI who like HIROYUKI, also likes sweets.

That only leaves G-BOY'S' leader, TAKANORI now (since it seems that KO-SUKE has left the agency now). I wonder why TAKANORI hasn't posted anything yet.

Love Fan-Meeting
On the 21st was G=AGE's first fan-meeting (there have been fan-meetings in the past but they were seperate NEW AGE and G-EYE ones), titled G=AGE LOVE FAN-MEETING. There was a question corner, a game corner, and a handshake event just to name a few. One of the games that was played during the game corner was apparently a crossdressing competition. According to ROI's blog he wore a mini skirt. My imagination is running wild over here, haha. They also celebrated FUMITO's birthday which was the following day.

The members also did a Twitcast during the event (which I'm still kicking myself for missing!). Here's some screenshots of the broadcast that I found on Twitter. Credit goes to @voyager_0720

I laughed so much the first time I saw ROI in the top left picture. ROI is such a cutiepie normally yet he always seems to come out looking really hilarious in video screenshots (but I also happen to find his derp faces really cute, haha). Anyway, here's some more screenshots and credit for these goes to @F22M25

Now for the goods. As always, the previous event's goods returned as well as some new bromides. This was also the first time the official G=AGE uchiwas were sold!

Wow, are these cute! I love ROI's so much, his cute little smile and pose is too much. It seems that the uchiwas have brought to light everyone's member colours too. I think yellow is a nice colour for ROI! Now here are some of the new bromides.

I don't love these as much as I love the Osaka Summer Concert ones but they're cute as always. I especially like the one with all of the members sitting in a circle around neo Justice and of course the ROI ones! He's such a cute little prince.

And like at some previous events, at this fan-meeting the members gave away some of their personal belongings to some lucky fans. I won't post pictures of everything that was available here for now but you can find them on the official G=AGE Twitter account. I'm so jealous of whoever got ROI's stuff!

FUMITO's Birthday
On the 22nd, FUMITO turned 17-years-old! All of the G-BOY'S and G=AGE members apparently participated in a birthday party for him and he received presents from both groups.
Special Mention - The Crepe!
This isn't really anything huge but I just felt like mentioning it because I thought it was cute. VASA posted a blog post on the 26th about him sharing a crepe with FUMITO, MAHIRO, and ROI. ROI stole the last bite like a troll, haha.



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