Personal Information

Name : Viktoria
Location : Dorset
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th February 1997
Age : 19

Personal Bio

I have been an Anime lover since Primary school which is a long time, I spend a lot of my time watching Anime or Drawing Manga. I want to be able to start to show my Cosplays and Pics/Vids at Con's, So I decided to become part of this site :)

Cosplay Bio

My Cosplay style is rather tomboyish, Although I will do some Girlish Cosplays sometime later on. I'd say that I am most likely to be slow on finshing my costumes or wig's since I get quite busy... Um I will be trying to add my Cosplay diarys, Skits, Con adventures on my youtube account along with my other random Anime stuff :P


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