Personal Information

Name : Daniel
Location : Guildford, Surrey
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 3rd June 2008
Age : 8

Personal Bio

I love Comics! and Animals! hmm odd combination you might guess, well....basically im Dan, im 18, im going to university in September to study Animal Behaviour, im in 3 bands as I play Bass Guitar, and I work in Game!

I also breed Tarantulas, Turtles and I work in an Animal Care Center whenever im free.

I read alot of comics mainly stuff like Bloodrayne, Hack/Slash, War Journal but im open to anything people suggest really.

Cosplay Bio

I have never cosplayed before but I want to, I have a bit of a thing for Street Fighter, ahh brings back childhood memories :)

Any help, suggestions would be cool, or if anyone gets a group together and needs an extra I might be interested.

Or if you live near Guildford :)


films / gaming / comics / animals / music / beer / travelling