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Name : Vik
Website : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvvz4fmBUKOjVl5TrHLCK5g?guided_help_flow=3&ytsession=nwFnvL6RY8UeM2BoLY_OpLcNH4t-WjUxr2Y2HGutiXJ37UObgnAqpNyNJGAgy7Gg6mqVS4B3MOkHD5R0KGg_XnEDbib2Jh0AU9dLxFrq1T7HAkewPGG3Hvy9W16-GXu5tFgbcvK46HcElZ3dxK0BY8y66WTL_y8Vz6WoEUkpM_
Location : Weymouth, Dorset, UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th February 1997
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Hello Dearies ~
I'm Vik! I'm a college freshman who lives in little old Weymouth south of Dorset, UK. A lot of people tell me I'm friendly, kind, caring, creative, inspiring, crazy, funny and an OCD nerd lol.

I get a lot of people asking me questions to do with me in general so I thought i'd put the more common ones here.

Q - Do you have any Special Needs?
A - Yes I do. I have Aspergers Syndrome, Which is a high functioning type of Autism. I suffer from OCD, Anxiety and Depression as well.

Q - Sexuality? Relationship Status?
A - Bi-Sexual, GenderQueer and Single.

Q - Why can you do you not go to a lot of conventions?
A - Personally because I don't have the money normally, that and I have strict parents that wont let me go to London without an adult.

Q - Do you have a Youtube Account dedicated to Cosplay?
A - Yes I do, I'm known as "WonderlandDarkness"


I'm a person who likes to dream big and aim higher. I enjoy getting outside and walking (lots of walking) I enjoy being creative in all areas. I'm am addicted to music, I feel like it's something one can connect to most days. I enjoy making new friends whenever I can and I like to go on awesome adventures! XD

Cosplay Bio

I started Cosplaying back in 2012. I started with buying the costumes, but then moved on to trying to make costumes or parts of the costumes myself. My first character to cosplay was Belarus/Natalia from Hetalia.

I enjoy cosplaying all types of characters and doing different themed CMVs and Photoshoots. I don't have any limitations when it comes to cosplay so I'm not scared to cosplay Yaoi or Yuri either (something I love <3)