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Name : Cara
Location : Hertfordshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 4th December 1995
Age : 21

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I started cosplaying in October 2008, after coming across the forum for the MCM Expo. I was suprised to see many threads advertising groups and joined one for my favourite anime at the time, Fruits Basket. I started my Kyo Sohma cosplay and when I came to the Expo, I was so proud to have people recognise me. I was so pleased after the con that I made a Hikaru Hitachiin and Kagami Hiiragi for the May Expo. The Kagami cosplay was my first handmade costume and got the most attention out of any of my cosplays. I have recently got back into cosplay after a two year break to do my exams, and I am aiming to do an Ichigo from TMM and a Disney cosplay in May 13.



002: lucky star blogcrew!

Mon, 27 Jul 2009 09:08:50 GMT

Lucky Star blogcrew!

♡ users can claim two characters at the most. please try and stick to a maximum of three users per character, thankies!

♡ you may only claim characters from the anime Lucky Star.

♡ once claimed, paste the code above into your profile or claims page. :)

♡ try not to fight over characters, the last thing we want are petty squabbles!

♡ This blogcrew is open til further notice.

♡ Put 'thank my lucky stars' in the subject box to show you've read the rules.

♡ A strike through a character's name means no more claims on that character.

♡ Kagami Hiiragi is claimed by me. ;)

♡ Enjoy this blogcrew and thank you! ^__^


Kagami Hiiragi - linkkitty floory darkalessa
Konata Izumi - harumonia neurotripsy keitai
Ono Daisuke (lulz) - chifred innoc3nt_sorrow zafiroflauta
Hiyori Tamura - illusioncandy shoats
Kogami Akira - adalimina pyol microrave
Kusakabe Misao - adalimina
Tsukasa Hiiragi - raved konkona spurnedambition
Takara Miyuki - konkona
Patricia Martin - spurnedambition



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