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Name : Washu
Website : http://www.fallenstarlite.net
Location : Dumbarton Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 10th April 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

☠Washu --->鷲羽
☆Girl ♥ 18 ♥ Otaku ♥ Scottish ♥ Dyslexic ♥ Some sort of Alternative Dresser ♥

☆Music makes the Soul Dance
Music connects me from reality to daydream. See me walk in the street smiling. Music creates that feeling. It also connects me to other people. I listen to a varity of music because I know, love, connect with many different people

☆Anime Stole my Sanity. It shows.
I watch anime. I read manga on teh trains or buses. I wear a cabbit on my back. I cosplay. I can name as many Morning Musume members from the top of my head. I peak at girls panties. Lesbian? Nope. Just a weeaboo! :D

☆Apparently I am a Feminist
I am Women/Welfare Officer in the SRC for my college. I love the job lots! I get to stand up for the women too shy to speak out since I'm pretty forward like that. You could also call me a hyprocrite since I have a huge collection of hentai and I take pride in this XD

☆Fallen Starlite
I am the owner of the Blabberist site Fallen Starlite. It is mostly filled with Anime and stuff that amuses me and I am pretty easily amused and distracted like Ayu from Kanon who is on my layout of the site and I'm not changing it since it's the perfect character to describe me at my proud moments. That and I am terrible with html!

Contact Information

Livejournal: http://stargirl-washu.livejournal.com
MSN: brainy_chan@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.fallenstarlite.net



Sun, 28 Jun 2009 15:45:10 GMT

Due to high levels of paranoia and recent months of insanity, I have decided to unadd a lot of people from Lj.

To be honest, I've lost trust and respect in alot of people. I have no vendetta against anyone I recently unadded, it's just I just don't trust you. It doesn't mean I hate you either.

The people who have been kept on, it's because people I love and trust you and the people who didn't see the notice with the rickrollish picture of Stuart Adamson but are still kept on is because people have put in very good words about you and I trust these people's opinions very dearly.

I'm sorry to those I have unadded but I have enjoyed reading your ljs and I can still remember some of the funniest entries you posted. It was to unadd because you were interesting people but if I wanna rant and not have info leaked out I had to make scarfices.

Take care and good luck.



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