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Name : Joey
Location : London
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Bio: Cookie-Munching Badass
Profession: Lawman
Styles: Kickboxing; Muay Thai; Capoeira
Power level: over 9000
Likes: Instrumental music, Manga/Anime, RPGs .......... and puppies
Life's ambition: to be a huge freaking Gundam that flies!

Cosplay Bio

I'm still relatively new to this. My first event as a spectator was the London MCM Expo May 2011. Then after meeting some awesome people here on Cosplay Island, I did my first cosplay which was Jax from Mortal Kombat (at the London Film and Comic Con July 2011).

I would say my proudest moment so far was completing my first costume. Never knew I had it in me to create something convincing enough to pass for the real thing. For me, the most fun about cosplay is being able to hang with others whilst in character.

My Cosplay goal is to be able to create full-body mascot costumes with ease. For now I'm pushing myself to go bigger and better.

Contact Information

xboxgamer tag: WarriorTeddy