Personal Information

Name : Haleigh
Location : United States
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 17th June 1996
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Well im a new cosplayer!! i've known about cosplay since i was 6 from my aunt but she died recently and i was given the keys to her 'closet of fun'. thats where i found all these books on cosplay and sewing technigues do's and don'ts im 15 and really enjoy cosplaying in public watching people stare and even take pictures ^-^

Cosplay Bio

Im new XD and im wanting to be a great cosplayer and cosplay till i die!!

Contact Information

E-Mail- Hal_pck@yahoo.com
DevinatArt- http://yumiwolf101.deviantart.com/


welp...i like drawing / sewing / voice acting / and cosplaying!!! i love Vocaloid music and sad music as well such as Vampire Knights Hidden