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Name : Valentine
Location : 221B Baker Street
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Date of Birth : 16th March 1991
Age : 26

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My name is Jenni, though my internet handle is usually Valentine_x.
I am 21 and I live in a town called Scarborough. You may have heard of it, after all, there is that song.
Out of the many hobbies I have taken up (guitar, drums, ninjitsu, weaponry), Cosplay is the only one I have stuck to...
I am currently in my second year of a BA in Historical and Performance Costume for Stage and Screen at Yorkshire Coast College. And to take a break from making costumes for uni, I make costumes for myself. Costume is pretty much the only thing I enjoy doing. COSTUME.
Though I am quite partial to watching TV and films, reading books, reading fanfiction, playing video games, eating, dicking around with my friends and such.
I can usually be found at the London MCM Expos. I attended for the first time in May 2009, and I just keep going. I have met some pretty amazing people there.

My next event is: MCM Expo London May 2012.
I'll be going as: Sherlock (BBC), Ambrosius (CATS OC), Sherlock (CATS OC).

Cosplay Bio

I've always loved dressing up and acting like a prat, so cosplay is perfect for me 8D. My first Cosplay was Vincent Valentine, which I made in a month for a Hallowe'en party in 2006. I was very overdressed but I got many compliments.

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Sun, 10 Apr 2011 21:54:17 GMT

Woke up at 5:15am, got myself cleaned and dressed and headed off to the station to catch my train.
Got to london about 10:00am, took the Underground to Angel and wandered to the buisness design centre.
Where there was a MASSIVE FUCKING QUEUE.
Fuck me it was long, but it moved quite quickly, so I was inside in about 5 minutes.
Once in, I headed off to find the HMV booth where the Merlin signing would be held, and bumped into HolmesInTheTardis, whom I had met previously at 'Our Private Life'.
Eventually, my mate arrived and we waited for about 2 hours for the signing.

And the queue moved forwards and forwards and eventually, I was faced with Angel, Katie, Bradley and Colin.

Angel said 'Hi', signed my DVD boxset and passed it on to Katie who wrote a frickin' essay on the box, and she then shook my mate Katie's hand and told her that slowly but surely, Katie's were taking over the world xD (Ohmygod, I love her.)

Bradley said a rather enthusiastic 'HELLOOO' and I was just like '. . .hi?' (nerves), then he asked if I had a donation (they were collecting for a children's charity), and I did and he signed my boxset, and then Colin said 'Hi', was a bit quiet, signed and gave me my boxset back. BUT I MET HIM. HE WAS THERE AND I MET HIM, AND IT WAS GLORIOUS, IF NOT SLIGHTY AWKWARD 'CAUSE HE DID LOOK LIKE HE WANTED TO KILL SOMETHING.

So, I said thanks and was orf to find the auditorium for the panel, which didn't take long.
Then we went in, sat down and the panel started with introductions and such, then the Q&A took place.
I managed to ask my question, which was 'Is there any particular costume that makes you feel most in character?'.
Someone then shouted out 'except Merlin', and I was like, ' well, yeah, he only has one costume really. . .'.
Katie said her costume for series 4 made her feel most like Morgana, Angel didn't have one, Colin didn't answer and Bradley was all about the chainmail and having his knights around.
He talked a lot about the knights -eyebrow-

I can't remember any other questions, but I'm sure there'll be a vid on youtube soon.
After the panel, there was a short interview held downstairs, so I went and watched that too and got some better photos.

Then they were off into the sunset, back to Wales.

The rest of the con was pretty good too. They had it set out on three levels, so it wasn't all too busy. The stalls were good, there were artists and writers and games and a few good panels.

But I can honestly say I can die happy now. It was the best day ever. After three years of missed panels and signings and screenings, I finally got to meet them. And they're all wonderful, honestly, truely wonderful. I couldn't ask for anyone better to appear on mah TV screen on Autumn Saturday nights :D



Costume / Music / Books / Sherlock / Merlin.