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Name : Ai
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Location : Surrey, UK
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Cosplay Bio

How did I get started?
It all started when me & my friend got really into D.gray Man in spring 2010. I was obsessed with Kanda while my friend was obsessed with Allen, not to mentioned we also love the Yullen XD and that's basically how I ended up cosplaying Kanda, my very fist proper cosplay/crossplay X3

What do I enjoy most about cosplay?
To be able to dress up as my fav characters in pretty costumes and look as awesome :D but what I enjoy the very most is to be able to hang out with other cosplayers, sharing similar interest with other anime enthusiast, going to cons and generally having an EPIC Awesome time XD

Buy or Make?
Depends, I always try to go for the cheaper option. I find that modifying an existing clothing is sometimes cheaper then buying the fabrics to make it from scratch and it saves me effort & time. Most of the time I buy the stuff because I simply don't have the time to make it. I'm just a beginner at sewing though so I don't have much experience in making costumes but I hope I'll be skilled enough to make a full costume from scratch one day! >.<

~ Hope you enjoy my cosplay ^^ ~


art / craft / japanese anime / animation / drawing / manga / cosplay / reading / collecting interesting stuff / music / singing / mmorpgs / kawaii stuff / gadgets / gothic lolita / animals / mystical fantasy stuff / philosophy / daydreaming / sleeping