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Name : Misha
Website : http://hqblackarmor.deviantart.com/
Location : Oxford
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 29th July 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Welcome, Welcome to my Page
My name is Mikhail, Misha, Michael. Whatever you want, I guess. yes blatantly, I am foreign, but I am also a British Citizen.
I am a Media Student Studying Level 3 Creative Media at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College. Second year now.
I am interested in becoming a Screenwriter one day, and will be doing that in Uni in 2012.
I like writing, dancing and photographing.
Gaming also a big like.
I work part time at odeon.
Lets see, anything else just ask
I enjoy anime and cosplay, and listening to Techno, Dubstep and Metal, J- Music.

espadaxakatsuki @ live.co.uk

Anime Wise, I cannot fathom how many I have read and watched.
One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Air Gear, Cage of Eden Gantz, Reborn are the ones I love, but there are s much more, like Beelzebub.
Ask away
I read hentai, yaoi, yuri and furries and proud of it. Its not for material like most people, i just read it. I can but I am not a person who gets aroused quickly, it takes time to reel me in, although big talk from me when i am a virgin
although i think sex is boring now.

Cosplay Bio

I started Coslaying Two and a half years ago at the London October 2009 as Bakuman; Mashiro. That was an accident. I did not intent but someone said I looked like him with the clothes I had and I went with it. Then the next time I cosplayed, was a year later, when for the October 2010 MCM Expo, I cosplayed as Light Yagami and found a friend who was L and we chained ourselves together the whole weekend.
The May 2011 Expo, I went as Trafalgar Law from One Piece and Oga from Beelzebub
The recent MCM expo, October 2011, For Three Days I was dressed as the Mask from the movie; The Mask.
I love cosplay, May 2012 I will be Hazuma from BlazBlue.
I did do a Hong Kong Cosplay frm hetalia in a meet.


One Piece / Bleach / Naruto / Air Gear / Cage of Eden Gantz / Reborn are the ones I love / but hentai / yaoi / yuri and furries