Personal Information

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Name : Emily
Website :
Location : Stirling, Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 10th April 1994
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Call me Em.
I like Pirates.
I love comics. I love books. I love getting lost in other universes.
I like older games, PS1 & before. Also MMO's. Find me on WoW! My realID is in the contacts bit.

I want to be a Mechanic.
I love to bake. Cupcakes mostly.

Drop me a message. I'm not as odd as I seem. (Maybe).

Cosplay Bio

I have the majority of my costumes commissioned.

I'd LIKE to learn to make my own costumes but have trouble figuring out where to start.
If I do start making my own stuff, I think I'd be more interested in armour and that sort of thing.

My favorite costume to date would be Ezio. It's still not 100% done but I'm on my way.

In general I prefer comic and video game characters over anime, for cosplay.

MCM London Expo (October 2014) (Ms Marvel / Courtesan from AC Revelations Multiplayer / Carol Marcus from Star Trek Into Darkness).

Glasgow Comic Con (Maybe) (July 2014) (Cosplay Undecided)

MCM London Expo (May 2013) (Ezio Auditore, ACII & Waitress Stocking, P&S)
MCM London Expo (May 2012) (Ezio Auditore, ACII & Stocking Anarchy, P&S).
MCM London Expo (October 2011) (Megurine Luka, Vocaloid Matryoshka).
MCM London Expo (May 2011)
MCM London Expo (October 2010)
MCM London Expo (October 2009) (Hinata Hyuuga, Naruto Shippuden).

Contact Information

Gamertag: AprilVenom
World of Warcraft RealID: (Elisander, The Sha'tar EU -Illysia, Tarren Mill EU).
Skype: Summergal113.


Gaming / Roller-Coasters / Baking / Cooking / Movies / Horses / Cars / Comics / Tomb Raider / Assassins Creed / Batman / Portal / Game of Thrones / Books/Movies by Dan Brown / Skyrim.