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Name : Bing
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Location : Portsmouth
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Date of Birth : 31st January 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I'm an Aquarius and Type O-

The personality traits for both of those describe me in a nutshell lmao

horoscopes are good fun :)


I lived in Japan, sort of near Himeji, for the past 7 months (ish).
I miss it so much and wish I could be back, and someday I will.

My friends there are trying to start up an International Cultural Exchange, based in the town of Yamasaki, but with links all over, so if your interested in getting involved please let me know :)

Cosplay Bio

my gran taught me how to sew...had cross-stitch obsession...that i still kinda have..

always had obsessions with being able to make clothes =]...usually just made actual things i could wear out =]...then about a year ago found out about Cos-Play! and was like wow!...

so now here i am...about to start a collection of my own costume interpretations =D


hyperness / giggles / chocolate / black jack mallard the pirate duck / sushi / books / vampires / gigs / snow / mohawks / belt buckles / music / faeries / metal things / manga / randomness / swings / outbursts of song / anime / dancing in the street / gale force winds / colourful things / quakers / hijacking discos / chipmunks and sharks / duncan hills coffee... fave animes/mangas: Vampire Knight / DN Angel / Higurashi / Loveless / Tokyo Mew Mew / _Summer / Ouran High School Host Club / Absolute Boyfriend / Amatsuki / Hellsing / and others...but those are top =]