Tori Yummai

Personal Information

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Name : Tori
Location : United Kingdom
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th August 1992
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Hey, I'm chicken ^.^ My badge names at cons is usually Chi-chan as people use to call me that (no idea why) but I call myself Tori Yummai because it has a little story behind it.
I finally started uni!!! but still don't actually do anything interesting with my life xD
Trying to find a job or at least away to afford this otaku lifestyle xD
If you need to know more then talk to me :D
I have an rather unhealthy addiction to ebay.

Cosplay Bio

I have been attending Expos and Cons since i was about 13.
I try to cosplay at any time i can.
i've been to lots of cons and expos that i have now lost count xD ans i hope to go to way more cons in the future :)
i like to do gothic lolita although i don't have that many cus it costs way to much!!! so i tend to piece together my own things i already have.
I hate having to cosplay the same thing to many times but do it anyway because i have to.
I believe that cosplays should always be interpreted by the person wearing them into something that suits them and their shape as most cosplay may not look right when compied completely from wherever it is from as i believe they tend to look better with a personal twist to them.

Contact Information

My facebook fan page is:

On the McmLondonExpoComiccon forums I am known as Chi-chan.
On the Kitacon forums I am known as Tori Yummai.
On the Ayacon forums I am known as Tori Yummai.
On the Amecon forums I am Known as Chi-chan.
On the Fushicon forums I am known as Chi-chan.
On the Gemucon Forums I am Known as Chi-chan.