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Name : Kristen
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Location : Oregon, United States
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Date of Birth : 29th December 1985
Age : 31

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Yo! I'm Kristen, 30 years old, and I hail from America. I work as a chalk artist for a local grocer, and hope to be able to come to the UK and cosplay with my friend Fishyfins sometime in the future!

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I love to cosplay from shonen series such as Bleach, Busou Renkin, Naruto, and the like, but my true love is for magical girl series such as Sailor Moon, Magic Knights Rayearth, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica! I also love the Final Fantasy game series, and would love to do more Vocaloids in the future - rarely a con goes by where I can't be found singing my heart out in the karaoke room!

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I've got a lovely bunch of sketches, diddly-dee.

Sat, 29 May 2010 06:42:54 GMT

Practicing drawing guys again.

Professor Kinham (who continues his unintentional journey of looking more and more like my father) and Dr. Gunner, who doesn't get his name written because I've never given him a first name.


Zoe, crawling out of an air duct or something. Stealthy lizard-girl is stealthy.

Some non FF sketches! Mistress 9 from Sailor Moon, and the current cosplay I'm working on. Although I did settle for a knee-length wig rather than an infinitely long one. Her right arm is way too big.

Portrait of Lady Gaga, inspired by the Monster album cover. I plan to color it eventually.

A strange little character I felt compelled to sketch. Rather unoriginally named 'Skullcat.' Sentient, but incapable of speech. I don't know why I'm thinking him up a personality, as I have no intention of putting him in Fusion Factor. Maybe for a future project.

Aaaand back to Fusion Factor. A series of little sketches I did of the main characters. I imagine they're operating undercover at some Elitist McImportantface's fancy soiree.

I call this picture: Lawrence Hughes - Smarmy Bastard.

Cammy as a cocktail waitress. I can't color champagne. She's covering her tattoos with makeup, as I imagine they'd do when undercover.

Zoe as a member of the housekeeping staff. It was hard to resist my Gothic Lolita impulses and give her the modern, more realistic maid's outfit.

And here my sketches be done! It's been a while, so I had a lot to unload. Need to do another cosplay post soon, too... as I debuted a costume that hasn't even shown up on here at all.

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