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Name : Adam
Location : United Kingdom
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Personal Bio

Hello everyone, my name is Adam Furey in real life. My huge obsession in life is Japan and its culture, so everything from anime, manga and RPG Videogames I love. I love sports, my favourite being Fencing, Swimming and Diving. I love my female artists of Lady Gaga, RiRi, Shakira and Queen B. I'm currently living a happy life with family and friends, currently a student and whenever I get alittle money saving for my next cosplays. I'm as friendly as can be when I get to know you and feel comfortable, I'm a friend who people can depend on when in need. I love strawberries (highly irrelevant to mention but there ya go). This feels so awkward, it feels like I'm on dating site instead of cosplay island. What else, I love Harry Potter. I've once been to Japan and I LOVED IT. Whenever I'm free I attempt to draw and write stories or pictures, although I've been teased they look nothing as to what they're meant to be. My weaknesses in life is shopping on the internet. I'm addicted to ebay, amazon and Yahoo Japan Auction, simply because the stuff I want is hardly ever found in retail high stores, which hacks me off. I love Reading, I'm mostly a children's fantasy book reader but I have classical English Literature which I loved such as Wuthering heights and The Great Gatsby. Also someday I want to move and live in Tokyo. :)

Cosplay Bio

I have always known about cosplay for a very long time. However, it was thanks to my wonderful friend Katie, discovering the MCM Expo in May 2009. I had always wanted to do it but it's not alot of fun when doing it alone, so when the opportunity struck I've basically had a massive dent in my wallet. But I love it so much. I cosplay for fun though. I do enjoy masquerades and attempting to win awards but for me at the end of the day, I love cosplaying a character from a series that I constantly dream and talk about, cosplay is like bringing a series to life in the real world and I find that so amazing. In May 2011, the Final Fantasy Round-Up was established and I am now part of an ever-growing family of cosplayers making the experience 10x more enjoyable than before as there are people to enjoy the fun with. My proudest moment so far is Amano Cloud cosplay, that for me is my greatest achievement. To be honest with all my cosplays I feel as though I'm still a caterpillar waiting to metamorphosise into a beautiful butterfly someday and when I do there's gonna be a mega-smile on my face.

Contact Information

On Facebook, I am part of the group known as FFRoundUp which was created by J-Ney Antique. I'm also part of Clockwork_Vocaloid cosplay group and admin for the CLAMP Cosplay UK Group. So if you have any interests in joining them feel free to tweet me, send me a message and I shall get back to you asap. ^^



My interests are alot of thingss. So here we go / deep breath: Films: Harry Potter 1-7 / Lemony Snicket A Series of unfortunate Events / Devdas / Final fantasy VII Advent Children Complete / Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles / xxxHoLic / Haruhi Suzumiya / Kobato / Cardcaptor sakura / FullMetal Alchemist / Blood-C / Bleach / Naruto Shippuden / Death Note / Fruits basket / Studio Ghibli Collection / Disney Films / Heroes / Doctor Who / Angel Beats / X/1999 / Vampire Knight / Chobits / Negima / Love Hina / Higurashi / Umineko / Hell Girl 1-3 / Clannad Videogames: Final Fantasy VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / X-2 / XII / XIII / XIII-2 / Versus XIII / Type-0 Dirge of Cereberus / Dark Cloud 1 / 2 / Dragon Quest: Journery of the Cursed King / Rogue galaxy / White Knight Chronicles / Eternal Sonata / crisis Core / Kingdom Hearts I / II / Final Mix+ / Chain of Memories / Birth By Sleep / FFVII Crisis Core / Final Fantasy: Dissidia Duodecium / Trauma Center / revenant wings / Naruto Shippuden / Bleach Soul Resurrection. Books: Spiderwick Chronicles / harry potter / Lemony Snicket / Wuthering Heights / The curious incident of the dog in the nightime. Manga: Everything listed in films / including as well With The Light. Sports: Fencing / Swimming / diving / Gymming / Running.