Personal Information

Name : Leah

Personal Bio

I am a writer of science fiction, mostly with dystopian future settings. I am learning to play the violin, with the goal of one day learning how to play pieces from Bioshock.

Cosplay Bio

I've been cosplaying for two years, but have only recently started to visit more cons and started making more ambitious costumes. I love searching for materials and items for my costumes, and I receive a lot of help from my mother, who is always happy to go in-costume with me to conventions. I also have a friend who will often go with me, and we also work together to make her costumes.
My deviantART accout is Twistanturnu, where I upload most of my pictures.

I choose to cosplay characters I either like and/or admire, but I have trouble staying in-character. I hope to improve someday.


batman / cosplay / sci-fi / films / graphic novels / video games / owls / comedians / art / writing / sushi / gems / superheroes / violin.