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Name : Lilo
Location : Guildford
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Personal Bio

I'm very randomand love dressing up and messing around, although i love cosplaying anime my friends are slightly more reserved than me so i usually end up alone which isn't always fun, I originally came on this site to look for cosplayers around my age (15) in the guildford area that i could meet up with and cosplay with.
I love art and ice skating and not afraid to make a fool of my self (although usually it happens unintenionally)
I know that I'm overweight but i try not to let that bother me, so long as i have fun!

Cosplay Bio

My cousin originally got me into anime and from there on out i was addicted, although i haven't been to any anime conventions yet (because I didn't have the money or anyone to go with) I'm hoping to go to animecon in may with a few of my mates.
I love collecting wigs, i don't know why i just do, and my parents think I'm incredibly wider because of that xD

Contact Information

People can email me at or to reach me.


OHSHC / Bleach / Anime in general / iceskating / art / Writing / Dressing up