Personal Information

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Name : Dane
Location : Weston
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th March 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hi my name is Dane i live in somerset, little village called Brent Knoll. I love music, games and having a laugh with mates. If you wanna know anything about me ask! add my msn if you wanna, can even add my facebook i dont mind :)

Since I'm redoing college, I never have a chance for this anymore, will start up when I have money, which at this rate won't be for a year or two! sorry

Cosplay Bio

My interest started with pokemon and dressing up as Ash as a kid, my ex reintroduced me into the world of cosplay in 2006 and have loved looking at peoples costumes from big events! Cant wait to take part :)

Contact Information

... and now skype: TheEuropean09
Xbox Gamertag: TheEuropean09


Assassins Creed / Altair / House M.D. / Devil May Cry / Capcom games / Resident Evil / Music / Metalcore / Death note / Yu-Gi-Oh! / Pokemon / Xbox 360 / MSN / Games / Movies / Lord of the Rings / the Hobbit / Comics / Deadpool / Role playing games