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Name : Rachel
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Date of Birth : 17th February 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hey out there! Known as Truffle to friends or Kid to my partner, I'm an Illustration student studying in Hull with big hopes for the future!
Since I have always and still do prefer traditional arts, media and methods of making, I like to handsew, hand-draw, hand-make everything unless some other more technical method is called for. That being said, I'm very attached to my drawing tablet <3 purely for it making Photoshop easier to use XD
Personality-wise I'm an open-minded person but still keep myself to myself. I love to travel and see new places and meeting new people/friends are bonuses! Trying out new food/cultures/languages are also great fun :3

Cosplay Bio

Have been cosplaying for around four-five years now. I prefer cosplays between simple and difficult; nothing too extravagant but nothing mega lazy either XD I'm also a firm believer in MAKING cosplays, NOT BUYING them, unless there's a justifyable reason such as "I know there's no way I could make that" and not just "Oh i cant be bothered and I have the money to buy mine."
My cosplays are a nice mix of Western/Eastern influenced characters, mostly crossplays purefly because I find male clothes more confortable XD and are either handsewn from scratch with accessories made by hand, or altered clothing and accessories :)
(Nice) advice or tips is both welcome on my costumes from others or given by request should you wanna know how something's done which isn't already in the info ^^


Illustration / animation / music / books / textiles / food / languages / astrology / history / anime / Japanese art / travelling