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Name : melissa
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Date of Birth : 26th October 1995
Age : 18

Personal Bio

Mehh, there's nothing much to say about me XD
I enjoy Anime, Manga, Cosplaying, etc.
Emm... I'm a bit of a shy cosplayer and do tend to stay out of the crowd a bit, but I'm building my confidence~ ^_^

Cosplay Bio

I buy most of my cosplays, due to my un-creativeness and unable to sew XD
So I either buy my cosplays, or buy random pieces of clothing from clothes shops to put together cosplays X3


manga / anime / cosplay / kuroshitsuji / soul eater / black butler / code geass / homestuck / ouran highschool host club / vocaloid / utauloid / voyakiloid / the birthday massacre / crash bandicoot / touhou / sonic the hedgehog / kingdom hearts / hetalia / dangan ronpa