Teto kasane

Personal Information

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Name : teto
Location : never land
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th May 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

well hi person who is looking at my page, do u like pie ..... i like pie!(not really though!><) ya well my fave colors r green black pinkish red ya and my fave animals r foxes and hedgehogs!HEDGEHOGS ROK!!!!!!!! wel if u want to know more just ask k ....k well if u want to b my friend go ahead ask me im really nice if u get to know me ^^ o ya i love emo guys! hehehe

Cosplay Bio

i cosplay anko mitarashi (from naruto, near(from death note),pikachu(from pokemon...u should know where hes from duh!),matt(from death note), teto kasane (from vocaloid). i will probably cosplay some on else soon ill tell u if i do. o and i make my cos. from random peices of clothing! ^^

Contact Information

ya well u can contact me at konanxpein3@yahoo.com


guys anime cosplay and more just ask me!