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Name : Takayuki
Website : http://chainomuircheartach.deviantart.com/
Location : Dublin, Ireland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 19th April 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I work in Sales, my music collection is all over the place from Wada Kouji to Kenny Rogers. I'm also an avid text based RolePlayer with a specialty in Digimon.

I'm going to get around to writing a novel... someday. XD

Cosplay Bio

Really kicked off for me at Eirtakon 2008. I wanted to do someone that suit me and that I didn't have to be too fancy. So, with my short, spiky red-hair at the time, I went with Ichigo Kurosaki.

Contact Information

You want them, Come get them.


anime / manga / video games / RPGs / writing