Personal Information

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Name : Shaun
Location : Derby, UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st May 1989
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Im born and bred in Birmingham.
My life usually revolves around Anime, video games and being a stream monster.
My hobbies are Retro gaming especially old arcade fighters and Gunpla models.

Cosplay Bio

Ive always looked at cosplay as at least 40% of an anime convention experience meaning you dont have to it but you miss out on that unique experience and dont get that full joy of a con. My first con was Alcon 09 which me and my friend mistaked for Ayacon 09 but it was slightly cheaper then expected meaning I could branch some money towards a cosplay. It being my first I went and brought a Kakashi Hatake cosplay, something basic from Naruto but went crazy on accessories. It felt pretty good being stopped and having your photo taken randomly and impressing someone with a pose or two.

I have seen some really impressive cosplays which should be award winning but dont really class myself as that kind of cosplayer. Not saying im lazy (lol) but I dress up for the fun of it, not to be recognised (though with the obscure characters I pick its rare anyway)

Since then I have branched out to characters I like from my favourite old anime shows like G Gundam and characters from my favourite old video games like Terry Bogard. I have Kitacon 2, Alcon 2010, Kitacon 3 and Ayacon 2011 under my belt with plenty more to come in the future. Im still quite new cosplay and learning new things every time but as long as the love is there then I will be doing this for years to come.

P.S Expect more Fighting game characters for the next couple of cons.

Contact Information

If you need to contact me through something I update or use regularly.
My hotmail is
My facebook is Shaun 'TZA' Turner (Just add that you are from cosplay island in the request)
PSN: DomonKasshu89
XBL: Tza89