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Name : Gabriel
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Location : San Diego, CA
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Oh! Hello there :D
Looks like you've stumbled on my cosplay page :) I try to update this as much as I can so please be patient with me as real life kind of likes to get in the way lol XD

But anyway, My name is Gabriel and I've been cosplaying for about......5 years now? Since 2009 :) It's been a fun couple of years and I really feel like with cosplay I can really pull out my creative side and it lets me get crafty. That's always a lot of fun. I focus mostly on doing cross play but I do plan on adding quite a few male characters on my ever growing list XD

I'm a freshman going to a community college and I'm currently majoring in Animation. I wish to someday end up working at the Walt Disney Animation Studios as a character animator. I love to draw and I love drawing Disney characters the most. I've had a lot of practice with them ;)

I'm usually not very talkative, I'm kinda shy around new people but the more I hang out or talk to someone, I get a little bit more confident and I end up talking A LOT. Mostly either about just silly things or something cosplay and or Disney related. XD Yeah I really hope you like what you see of my cosplays. <3

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Well my friend Larissa got me into Cosplay in the first place. We both cosplayed for San Diego Comic Con 2009 but it was my first time actually doing it, I had alot of fun regardless/ ^^

So if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be into Cosplay in the first place ^^


Singing / Drawing / Animation / Disney Movies / Ballet / Irish Dance / Princess Tutu / Anime / Playing Pokemon