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Name : May
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Personal Bio

Shy and quiet mostly but can sometimes go into slight otaku mode when the subject of games/anime/manga comes up and I can sometimes be a bit of a fangirl (^-^;)(萌えー!) I enjoy playing the piano and drawing, and since getting into cosplay, making random items like kunai, swords, armour etc. 楽しいです!

Cosplay Bio

My first cosplay was at AmeCon 2006 and it was also the first time I attended an anime convention. I'm usually camera-shy but once in cosplay, it was so fun having pictures taken~ And it's always great to have people recognize your character XD Probably greatest achievement at the moment was when I cosplayed as a White Mage Mithra from FFXI at AmeCon 06 and had a lot of people recognize me, more than I expected and so I got to meet other people from the other servers on the game, including people from my own server~(・ω・)


gaming / anime / manga / piano / art / Japanese culture