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Name : Katy
Website : http://fanfiction.net/~sweetsedaytion
Location : Telford x
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th June 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hello there ^^ I'm Katy from sunny old Telford. My first anime expo was this year at, you guessed it, the Telford one XD I'm a bit of a fan of anime, my favourite one being Black Butler. I'm a total Victorian girl [hence my images ^^] and I'm going into College in the next few months. I'm an aspiring writter and a big fan of Gaignun Kukai~
I don't bite so don't be scared to drop me a personal message or whatnot ^^ xxx

Contact Information

MSN ~~ mellos.chocolate.bar@hotmail.com
Yahoo ~~ katy.deadly@yahoo.co.uk


films / anime / manga / iceskating / cooking / writting / art / weather / invader zim / spongebob / cartoons / animation / music