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Name : Mina
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Location : London, England
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Personal Bio

Just one of those average college students with a slight maths obsession...

Anyway, i'm a very happy person!!! LOL - cosplay is basically my life away from education so there isn't much to know about me... I'm very oblivious to anything out my interest (i'm not interested in a lot of things orz..)

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplay around early 2008 and have been actively cosplaying since then. I started making my own costumes in 2011 so in that way, i'm fairly new with it haha! I honestly have no clue how to make costumes so at lot of my works are made completely with trial and error.
I love trying different types of make up style and I hope I can improve in the future! I love cosplaying with groups and other people so I hope to be friends with everyone *kira sparkle*!