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Name : Jamie
Location : England, Norfolk
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th May 1998
Age : 16

Personal Bio

I'm pretty much just a crazy teen girl who loves cosplay, video games, clowns, horror, anime, manga and is a fantasy and horror book writer.

My first con: London MCM Expo 2014

Cosplay Bio

I mainly cosplay characters from Videos games and sometimes I will cosplay characters from anime's I really love.

Out of all video games I love cosplaying characters from the Legend of Zelda as it is my favourite video game series. I Sometimes even cosplay female versions of male Legend of Zelda characters or even my own take on a character.

I first found out about cosplay from Youtube, I found videos of people cosplaying and thought it looked fun. It took me a long time before having the money to get or make a cosplay so I didn't start cosplaying till about one year maybe two after I first found out about it. In that time I found so many characters I wanted to cosplay most of them characters from video games, anime and some vocaloids. the first wig I got was a Gumi wig. The first cosplay I had was one I got offline and it was Yuno Gasai from mirai nikki/future diary. Since then I have stuck to making my cosplays as it is more fun and I can get them to fit me perfectly.

Cons I have been to:
London MCM Expo 2014

Disclaimer* My photos are for browsing and feedback, they can also be used for your own costume reference. Please do not use my photos for your personal benefit, do not submit them to groups/pages without my permission, do not sell them and do not claim they are your own.

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Miiverse: SuperZeldaGirl
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Cosplay / Anime / Manga / Video Games / Batman / Adventure Time / J-Pop / Legend of Zelda / Nintendo / Horror / Disney / Fantasy / Studio Ghibli / Pokémon / Final Fantasy / Professor Layton