Personal Information

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Name : Summer
Location : Minnesota
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 29th August 1996
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Hii! I've always loved anime and manga. My name is Summer- yes, that's my real name. I live in Minnesota. I love to draw although I suck, and I love the idea of cosplay though I never have before. Not much else to say here. Oh, I love the original Akatsuki and I love Death Note. You can learn more about my by chatting. I don't bite, so you can go ahead and talk to me :P

Cosplay Bio

I've actually never been to a convention before. Heck, all I have of my costume are my socks and my first convention is in two days :P but I hope to soon have more to put here.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me. I'd also love to meet up at Kakkoi Con or Anime Detour sometime :P



Drawing / Hidan / Deidara / Sasori / Tobi / Being Weird / Making Videos / Taking Pictures / tons more stuff.