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Name : Katie
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Location : London Town
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st April 1992
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I work as an computer developer for a company that writes travel booking software (I think that's the easiest way to describe it) after studying astrophysics. I feel very lucky to have fallen into the job I wanted.

I tend to be bad at writing things like this because I never know what the important things are. I like a wide range of things (outside of anime/manga/cosplaying) so I will probably share some interests with you.

Feel free to talk to me; I like random conversations =]

Cosplay Bio

It started at two local Tokyopop Recons at Waterstones in 2008. I went with my school friends where the first time they cosplayed (I ran out of time to make anything) and the second time we all did. After that, it took about a year before I went to my first expo to cosplay and I loved it.

Scientists and cosplayers don't tend to mix very often, but I've always loved being both artsy and sciencey. I've always loved to sew. That's the main thing that draws me to cosplaying; making my own costumes. I would quite happily be a commissioner; making cosplays all day would be a dream.

I suffer from a lack of completed cosplays because I have little money to my name. I refuse to half-heartedly make a cosplay. It's got to be accurate. It's got to be perfect. This tends to take a fair bit of money. So it's my own fault really =p

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