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Name : Stripey
Website :
Location : North West England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 3rd August 1991
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hello. Enjoy cosplaying. I love the creativity it brings, and the joy.

In my spare time i like to do crafty things that don't involve cosplay. I sometimes draw, play games.. all that fun stuff!

I also have Yui (K-On!) Ask blog. It's really fun!

Costumes to remake:
May - Guilty Gear
Crona - Soul Eater

Cosplay Bio

Still learning.

Conventions I've been to;
Chibicon 2008
London Expo May 2009
J-Culture Con 2009
London Expo May 2010
J-culture Con 2010
London Expo May 2011
Manchester Expo 2011
J-Culture Con 2011
London Expo October 2011
Manchester Expo 2012
The Midlands Anime and Manga Fan Event 2012
London MCM Expo May 2013
Manchester MCM Expo July 2013

Future Conventions;
Manchester MCM Expo July 2014
Kitacon 2015

Contact Information

Instagram - Instagram.



drawing / music / cosplay / video games / pokemon / cake / tea / sleeping