Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Yvette
Location : Washington D.C
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th July 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Languages I speak:
English: fist language
French: 1 year can read and some what understand, can barely talk.
Japanese: can some what get by, read/write hirigana and katakana(typing better)
Korean: In Korean 3/4, I can read/write, and speak basic conversations.

Countries I have been too.
Canada: winter (snowboarding)2009
Mexico: when child
Japan: lived/studied for 7 weeks. summer 2009

Name in Korean: 레이첼 In Japanese レイチル, !!!!!!
I am a kind, sensitive,tough, honest, intelligent and Wise person. I am a leader, artist, and love to help people, I always put my team before myself...But I still continue to look out for myself.
Sign: Cancer
Stone: Ruby
Planet: Moon
Chinese New Year: Monkey
Crown Aura: Aquamarine
Causes I fight for: human equality, Human rights,
Hero: Laura Croft

ㅇ Colors: red, black, *teal*, pink, robin egg blue,
ㅇ animal: Black Panther
ㅇ desert: Chinese custard pies
ㅇ seasons: Summer(no school) and Winter(no allergies)
ㅇ Styles: Lolita, J-Punk, London/UK
ㅇ people: My close friends mean everything to me, they are my family

Cosplay Bio

I have cosplayed twice so far.

Contact Information

Facebook, Gaiaonline(don't go on anymore)


Japan / Korea / French / Indian / and German culture. Anime / boys / girls / clubbing / art / Interior Design / Fashion Design / Hobbies: Drawing / Sewing / Painting / Singing / Running / Dancing / Rock Climbing / Snowboarding / making videos/music videos / Cooking/baking / Going To The Theater / Designing clothes and designs / making photo manipulations / Making Jewelry / Designing /sewing/painting clothes / Hanging Out With Friends / Ravening / Acting Crazy.