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Name : Erin
Location : Cullercoats
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Hey there~! My name's Erin. I'm a teenage girl from North East England. I'm currently in year 9 in high school~. I love anime, manga, cosplay, dancing and my friends. I'm rather energetic, happy, I've been told I'm funny by lots of people.... But I don't think so. xD I'm friendly and easy to talk to, so go ahead. :D

Cosplay Bio

My cousin Raspberry got me into cosplay a few years ago. What I love about cosplay is that I meet loads of new friends who have the same interests and don't think I'm a total freak for doing what I do. xD

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Anime / Manga / Singing / Cosplay / Dancing / Friends / Art / History / Music / Monty Python / Moar I cba to mention 8D