Personal Information

Name : Steven
Location : Sheffield
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 24th February 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hey I'm Steven,
I'm am far from cosplaying but I have the ideas and I will one day, what can I say I want to dress up and enjoy myself doing it, My usual interests are video games, cartoons and other such internet shenanigans but I conquer with a love of movies and being a animator myself.

Cosplay Bio

The first cosplay I ever did was at the age of 15 and I got Final Fantasy advent children for christmas and I made the cloud costume for under £10 I misses a few items like the shoulder sheilds but it looked right none the less.

What I want to do next is a bunch of other video game related cosplay and some anime ones like ash ketchum and Goku.


Sonic / gaming / astronomy / cartoons / star wars / tron / iron-man / Mario / legend of zelda / swimming / running / drawing and stuff / staring into people's souls / deciding whether or not to glue my feet to the ceiling / you know usual stuff.