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Name : lydia
Website : https://www.facebook.com/spiralfishcakecosplays?notif_t=page_new_likes
Location : South Wales
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 2nd February 1996
Age : 18

Personal Bio

Hiya, I'm Lydia, I'm 18 and I'm from a little village in south wales. I'm currently studying fine art in college but I don't know why because I'm not really that good at it. My hobbies are cosplaying, dancing, reading, photography and art. My favourite anime's are Naruto, Soul eater, Free!/Swimming anime and OHSHC. I'm also a big fan of K-pop and I like Squirrel's, cats, dogs and food.

Cosplay Bio

I first started cosplaying in 2010/11 after my sister first told me about it. My first cosplay was of Cartman from south park, it was made up of a hat my mum made for me, brown trousers from my wardrobe and a red jacket I brought from peacocks. I then went on to get my friend into cosplaying too and we all decided to form a cosplay group called NeapolitanPro (which is no longer together) and started making cosplay video's mostly being of Naruto and south park. Then later in 2011 we started going to local cosplay meet ups in Cardiff.
My fist convention was Cardiff film and comic con February 2012, it wasn't amazing but I think it was a great con to go to for a first timer (which I was) I went for two days as Sasuke and a wales hetalia oc (both cosplays were awful but I really enjoyed the weekend.
My second con was Alcon 2012, which was amazing, and wonderful and the best con I've ever been to I would 100% recommend it to everyone. At this con I cosplayed Cartman, Sasuke, Gumi and Fem!Sasuke
My third con was London May MCM 2013 The atmosphere, people and cosplays were amazing but I don’t think i’ll be going again as it’s not really my cup of tea. I think I’ll just stick to going to Alcon once a year. I cosplayed Belarus and applejack for this con.
My most resent con was Alcon 2013 where I cosplayed A Sim, Spinelli, Chip Skylark and Applejack.

I think I'm most proud of how far my cosplays have come since I first started 3/4 years ago.

Upcoming cons:
Alcon 2014
Cardiff film and comic con November 2014

Contact Information

http://spiral--fishcake.deviantart.com/ <----- Deviant Art

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa23zihDbAFFHu4lMmZY1cw <---- YouTube


cosplaying / dancing / reading / photography / art / k-pop / anime / manga