Personal Information

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Name : Liv
Location : Woodhouse
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th May 1994
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Well hey Im Liv xD

Hmmm Im just a random crazy kid whos into most anime, manga, games and all that cool Japanese stuff :)
My favourite manga would have to be Naruto, tis the first one I ever read xD as for anime, well I dont really have a preference...yuri's pretty awesome xD

Im really into drawing and just art in general really, hoping to go to West Notts college soon to study art :) should be fun xD

Kingdom hearts is great, one of my favourite games along with Zelda :) Link FTW xD

And right now Im in an awesome cosplay group called WNC with some other crazy cosplayers, gotta love em xD

Well thats about it for me! Now Im off to get pocky :)

Cosplay Bio

Well WNC got me into cosplay first :) and I started doing Anti-Sora and Zexion from Kingdom Hearts for them so thats all good :)

And I also cosplay Naruto (sorta casual) in my free time with my buddy Sarah xD

Cosplays pretty awesome and I have a lot of fun when Im doing it with WNC so woop!