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Name : Anthony
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Location : Colchester
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Date of Birth : 15th May 1986
Age : 31

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Hay the names Anthony but most of my friends call me Leos kline (xbox live gamer tage). Im 6 foot 5 tall so dont let that make you run i am a B.F.G (big friendly giant) im mostly quiet around new people but thats just because i dont know my self. i've bin what i call a closit fan of gameing and anime for most of my life because i thought that i was the only one and no one will understand and that did'nt :( untill i found some awsome people how were into the samethings as me and brought out the cosplayer in me.(thanks guys :))

i've bin cosplying since 2010 and i've only coplayed one character so far Snow Villies from Final fantersy 13 and i have to say im proud that i did it. i have had so meny complerments its awsome. it has givein me so much convedents and have met so meny awsome people i dont think that i will ever give this up :).

im primarily a gamer i love frist persion shooters as well as R.P.G games. i also like anime like Naruto, Fullmetal alcamist and so on but i will most likely to cosplay Game character's than anime. sorry:/

so thats me in a nut shell, sorry about any bad spelling im dyslex ( whoo i got dyslex right ^^)

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