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Personal Information

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Name : Kyle
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Location : England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 18th March 1986
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Im some what of an eccentric person, and have a wide range of interest.
This includes: Reading - mainly classic litrature such as Shakspeare and Dante's Divine Comedy, Learning about Ancient Civilizations and Historical Events, Drawing, Painting, Building things, Listening to and Collecting Music (my cd collection is 900+ albums!), Studying Martial Arts, Going for walks, and the usual things like Playing Video Games, Watching Movies/Anime and Socialising with my Friends and Family.
I enjoy meeting/talking to new people and talking about almost anything from topical issues to completly random things, so feel free to drop me a line :)

Cosplay Bio

Ive always loved dressing up as a kid, and always gone the full whack at fancy dress parties.
I got into cosplay when my friend said that i should go to the London October 2010 MCM Expo, told me all about it n said that i should dress up aswell.
FFVII is my alltime fav game and ever since i was a teenager i've always wanted to make a Bustersword, so i decided to go as the Crisis Core Version Zack Fair as i felt his character suited me more than Clouds (Build/Look/Personality etc).
I went for the Saturday and was amazed at how friendly everyone was and how good alot the cotumes where and i felt like a kid in a toy store when i saw all the stalls and events.
And i havent looked back since! :)


Watching Anime / Drawing / Painting / making/Building things / Listening to Music / Reading Books / Watching Movies / Studying Martial Arts / Going to Gigs / Playing Video Games / Cosplaying.