Silver Hunter

Personal Information

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Name : Silver
Location : Norway

Personal Bio

I like to watch and read Magna and Anime. My favorites are Beyblade, B-daman, Pokémon, Darker Than Black and there are a lots of more...

Cosplay Bio

I love to Cosplay becouse It's a part of me. If i cant do It like... three times in a year I cant live.
It all started when I was introduced to something called Harry Potter Summer camp. It was the best part of me. Until I found a Place In Oslo were Desucon was set in place. Then I was all over Harry Potter and now I am cosplaying carakters from those Anime and Magna series I so deepely Love.

Contact Information

Send me a message If you are from Norway or are around that place. Me and a friend Is going to hold a meeting with just Beyblade karakters. And meybe It wil be more other stuff to ^^,


Films / DS-games / X-box / Anime / Cosplay / cool series.