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Name : Quynh
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Location : Manchester, England
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Personal Bio

Let's see, where to begin...
I'm a Fine Art Graduate since July 2011 (NOO!!! I WANT TO STAY AS A UNI STUDENT). And that's about it.

Also, I'm a graphic novel/comic/manga fanatic [as long as it's not to do with long-winded Shounen/Shonen Jump (except Gintama) or those too-cutesy shoujo types or even those ridiculous Superhero sub-genres that I hate], who spends too much time on between playing with obscure video games (especially on JRPG and Point-and-Click Adventure types) that isn't Final Fantasy and drawing some comics and fanart pieces on my favourite characters.

Cosplay Bio

Once upon a long, long time [well, it's somewhere at the beginning of 2000], my younger sister and I accidentally went into a Japanese fan site, where the photos were full of girls dressing up in funny clothes, which turn out to be their favourite characters later on.

And then over the years, while I was dreaming of myself dressing up as my favourite characters, my younger sister decided that cosplay isn't for her and went off in a different direction. However, I didn't and it was in 2005 at Collectormania in Manchester that I saw people dressing up as their favourite characters and thought I should have a go. Which didn't took off until my somewhat on-off cosplay debut in 2008. At the MCM May Expo. In London.

And since then, I've been mainly cosplaying as my favourite characters from obscure/underrated series from video game and manga/comics/graphic novel series, because I've seen too many people cosplaying as Final Fantasy, Nintendo and popular Shounen/Shonen Jump [except Gintama] characters and they have enough love from too many fans. As for me, seeing that I would prefer to stand out and be unique from the crowd of Final Fantasy clones, I want to spread out my love to the series that hardly gets any attention by cosplaying my favourite characters. Even if I get nods from a few diehard fans who like the same series as I do.

And that's my somewhat motto when it comes to my cosplay.

Cosplay that I've done since 2008

Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu [It's a Wonderful Word/The World Ends with You]
Riku Anami Kanshu-Jinki version [World Embryo]
Franziska von Karma Young Franziska version [Ace Attorney series]
Ashley Mizuki Robins Original DS version [Another Code: Two Memories]
Felt Blanchimont [Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny]

Future Cosplay shown on either MCM Manchester/Thought Bubble

Sarah Sisulart Normal Dress version [Lost Odyssey] [POSTPONED UNTIL LATER]
Sougo Okita Shinsengumi Uniform Version [Gintama]
Kaoru Mistuki 1st TV Series Ending 1 Version [GARO]

Dream Cosplay that may or may not come true in the future XD

Sarah Sisulart Default and/or Wedding dress version [Lost Odyssey]
Claudia Auditore Pre-Brotherhood version [Assassin's Creed II]
Lita Blanchimont [Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana]
Kohei Nagase [Gimmick!]
Okuni SW3 version [Samurai Warriors series]
Leanne/Reanbell Default version [Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity]
Jen Default [The IT Crowd] - XD
Nino Default [Arakawa Under the Bridge]
Hana Grown-up Default version [Kamen Rider Den-O]

Contact Information

Twitter: @shosakauk, but please don't send me requests to follow you. Unless I know you personally for a long time.
CureCos: 235105



Shadow Hearts / Lost Odyssey / Atelier Iris / The World Ends with You / Dark Chronicle / Folklore / Ace Attorney / Monkey Island / Machinarium / CiNG / Ghost Trick / Gintama / Gimmick! / World Embryo / Chrono Crusade / Yotsuba&! / Azumanga Daioh / seinen / Here be Demons / Fetishman (NSFW( / Bunny / Scott Pilgrim / Salem Brown / the Alex Rider graphic novels (Haha / guilty pleasure FTW) / Doctor Who (11th!Doctor version) / Sherlock (Moffat-BBC version) / QI / Horrible Histories / The IT Crowd / GARO / Father Ted / a few CBBC dramas / Anything directed by Tim Burton (except Alice in Wonderland) / Pixar (except maybe Cars) / Aardman Animation / Studio Ghibli / Monty Python and the Holy Grail/Life of Brian / the 2D Dreamworks films before they crap themselves into 3D / Skulduggery Pleasant series / Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider saga and The Power of Five series / The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling / Richard Adams' Watership Down / Nisioisin's Death Note - Another Note The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases and Zaregoto / Rabbits / Vietnamese cuisine / Christian mythos (especially the Saints and Angels) / feeling lazy XD